FOPABU-IA works in partnership with farmer’s communities (CSOs, Cooperatives, groups, federations, …), as the main actors in social change and sustainable development. They are placed at the center as we believe that through strong farmer’ communities can the country feed itself, appropriately exploit its natural resources, educate, care for and protect its children, promote the country economic wellbeing and live in peace. 

The following 5 key are serving as working FOPABU-IA norms and establish the behavioral guidelines for successful organizational performance.

Dignity: Whatever its condition, the dignity of the human person is an inalienable right. On the other hand, the profession of Burundian agricultural is often devalued and/or somehow ignored because of its intellectual, material and financial conditions that it often lacks. FOPABU-IA envisions the promotion of respect for the farmers and their organizations through all means at its disposal.

Solidarity: Solidarity with agricultural producers is a humanistic approach, based on the responsibility of everyone towards the people who feed humanity. It is an obligation of society to its most important members to ensure that everyone can evolve in a fair, equitable and safe living environment. Through strong commitments with farmers, FOPABU-IA expects to remain in solidarity with them within the limits of its possibilities and what the laws and regulations allow.

Professionalism: Continuous improvement of knowledge and know-how, concern for efficiency and efficiency in action and a keen sense of integrity, these are the qualities of the products and services that every FOPABU-IA member and collaborator must have.

Integrity: FOPABU-IA consistently works in a spirit of mutual trust, honesty, transparency and accountability.

Partnership: FOPABU-IA works respectfully in collaboration with local government, communities, the private sector and donors, bringing together the unique resources of all to achieve common objectives. FOPABU-IA enjoys unique access to decision-makers given the strong experience and track record of development effectiveness.